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Be My Valentine Hunt Gifts

January 22, 2012 2 comments

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Be My Valentine Hunt Sponsors

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Be My Valentine Hunt Vendors List

January 20, 2012 5 comments

‚ô• = unisex gift if you like to grab it ūüôā¬† ..¬† please notice that each gift contains the two links for both Female and Male LM and each link starts with F or M for FM means the gift for both.

  1. HER & HIM : Dakota Touch
    Hint: I’m Laying under where the love should be
  2. HER & HIM : jen Fashion
    Hint: Only if can tell the symbols of the cards ..
  3. HER & HIM : Wild Serenity
    Hint : shhhhhhhh im hiding I think the stairs will help me.
  4. HER & HIM : Incendia Campfires
    Hint : Sure am getting dizzy watching this go around
  5. HER : S&S Clockworks
    Hint: Stop & Smell the flowers
    HIM: LiX (sim closed skip for now)
    Hint: Roses are red violets are blue the mens hunt item is hidden from you
  6. HER: SLC Mainstore
    Hint : Love is timeless
    HIM: Pyewicket’s Myths¬†
    Hint : Look for the BeastMaster
    Hint : What is February’s birthstone.
    ♥ HIM: Gypsy Gadgets
    Hint : Where or where would a little cupid be hiding
  8. HER: -=[ Ais Ink Tattoo ]=-
    Hint : it dottes the “I” in Valentine
    HIM: Sweet Seduction
    When you go to the store to rent a movie, XXX videos are always in the _______
  9. HER : Debutante
    Hint :  Sometimes a girl and a heart need to protect themselves from the harsh rays of the sun.
    HIM: Carriage Trade
    Hint :¬† These diamonds, checks and stripes are the epitome of ‘fast fashion’.
  10. HER: Asteria Creations [now okay]
    Hint: The birth place of love .. See my heart ..=)
     ♥ HIM:  Celtic Wolf
    Hint :  When you look the Celtic Wolf in the eye, only then will you find your prize.
  11. HER: Bundles From Heaven [Skip for NOW]
    Hint : ‚ÄúOnce in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.‚ÄĚ
    ‚ô• HIM: Shey Fashion
    Hint : Search “Hitman” Vendor : )
  12. HER:  bees heaven shop
    Hint : “use the red door to find the perfect place for valentines (teleporter). The couple-dance-heart found a valentine-heart too!”
    HIM: Geisha Dreams
    Hint : His heart is in a maiko’s hand.
  13. HER & HIM: {Ms. B. Designs}
    Hint :  Crazy in Love or Hot in LUST, either way, you can both be my Valentine (male AND female gift)
  14. HER & HIM : tori’s stylez¬†
    Hint: ~ have pride~
  15. HER & HIM: Lyrieals
    Hint : Writing a letter to my love
  16. HER & HIM : Taliesins Tails  &  Ravens wear
    Hint : Anubis has my heart
  17. HER & HIM: Vips Corner [NEW LM]
    Hint : Its Valentine time so look me there….
  18. HER & HIM:  Moonlight Swan
    Hint: “Sure is cozy under here.¬† ūüôā “
  19. HER & HIM:¬† Pipper’s Place
    HINT for her : Find Pipper’s Love you more blocks and you’ll find me…
    HINT¬† for him: Find Pipper’s Valentine’s Day Items And You’ll find Me….
  20. HER:  by WildSouL
    Hint : These Boots Are made For Walking
    ♥ HIM:  Clever Endeavors
    Hint : Surprise your partner, make them smile! It’s time to wine and dine your Valentine!
    Hint: the heart of a flower
    HIM: HollyWeird
    Hint : Kiss Me!
  22. HER: Rozamyndi’s
    Hint :¬† Its nice and warm out there ….
    HIM: Bound & Bitten
    ¬†Hint: “Head downstairs and don’t get wet”
  23. HER: SURROGATES [now okay]
    Hint : “Find me into the light”
    HIM: SEPHORA [now okay]
    Hint: I’m Still here
  24. HER: {SKD}
    Hint :From above it’s purple, from below it’s pink….Somewhere, either high or low you’ll find what you seek.
    Hint : Candy Covered
  25. HER:¬† Dani’s¬†
    Hint : I just love Jewel Cut stuff, especially when it is blue.
    HIM:  reila karu [now okay]
    Hint : Find the REBEL inside
  26. HER: Artic Storm
    Hint :  Roses are Red, Valentines are too: Find the correct one, and there will be a gift for you!
    Hint : Main Shop, upstairs, back wall, red candles.
  27. HER: .:: Pure Poison::.
    Hint : Roses are RED,violets are blue, i will have those shoes, how about you?
    HIM: SchnaeppchenGrotte
    Hint: Ask the Hintbox¬† ūüôā
  28. HER & HIM : The Happy Hat
    Check the hint giver to see Where my heart may be
  29. HER & HIM : Tienda de Textura
    Hint : I think I need to sit for and rest for a second
  30. HER: Priscilla
    Hint :  Into sweet frangence language of love
    HIM: Echoes of the Past Designs
    Hint : Even the simplest of the soups tastes like a delicacy when in love!
  31. HER & HIM :  .:: PaPiLLoN Luik ::.
    Hint :¬† I Love Discounts …!
  32. HER:  ::WetCat:: Builds&Poses
    Hint : “Find Me Near The Most Famous Couple”
  33. HER:  & HIM .:CUDA:.
    HER: Hint: “YO HO HO and AHOY!”
    HIM: Hint: “Careful I don’t take flight
  34. HER: Tree House Treasures
    Hint : hint giver at the store
    HIM: Charisma Designs
  35. HER: Nana Saenz
    Hint: the queen of hearts is my refuge

Be My Valentine Hunt

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Be Mine 4 Ever …

When : Jan 25 – Feb 12
Application deadline: Jan 15th,2011 (applications sent in after this date will be reserved as backup)
Max Stores: 60 (30 for her) (30 for him)
Hunt Order: First come, First serve Sponsors take the first locations
Hunt Organizer : iTouch Hunts  /  Dakota Touch furniture
Start Location:

  • This Hunt about Valentine, love, and the Touch we put in your hunters with iTouch Hunts gift ! not just any Gift, I’m looking for WOW gifts ! A full build, full Outfit .. etc Be Creative and WOW us
  • you need to choose which hunt you are going to be
    • 1. for Her
    • 2. for Him
  • Your item must be created¬† by you ,¬† original,¬† and never been given away for free before!
  • This is not a free Hunt its for $1L

Before you go ahead and APPLY Please Read first the TIME LINE of the hunt if you can’t meet the deadline please DON’T APPLY and you need to stay in touch with me regarding the hunt and specially the day before the hunt!

  • 15th of Jen:¬†¬†¬† End of Accepting the applications.
  • 16th of Jan:¬†¬†¬† Walk-through to check the sign and the LM
  • 18th of Jan:¬†¬†¬† Send Vendor’s Packages
  • 18th of Jan:¬†¬†¬† All Hints should be submitted
  • 24th of Jan:¬†¬†¬† Gift Item needs to be set inside the the hunt item.
  • 24th of Jan:¬†¬†¬† Final Walk-Through to check Hint & the Hunt item
      • (yes I need your gift inside the hunt item one day before the hunt start for the walk-through)
  • 25th of Jan:¬†¬†¬† Hunt starts
  • 12th of Feb:¬†¬† Hunt ends, you may take off the object

Swim with Deep Blue Sea Hunt!

January 8, 2012 1 comment

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Deep Blue Sea Hunt Sponsors

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Deep Blue Sea Hunt Vendors List

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