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The Bunny Hunt

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When: Mar 10th – April10, 2012
Applications due: February 8
Starting location: Ni’ Keta Pavilion/Dakota Touch Furniture
Hunt organizer: iTouch Hunts/jeniin resident
Hunt Items: 1L each
Group: iTouch Hunts
Max Stores: 60
Hunt Order: First come, First serve Sponsors take the first locations

Hunt Sign Scripted by : Gypsy Gadget (Gypsy Paz)

– This hunt is Easter
(Furniture, Clothes, Gadges, Textures, etc… Be Creative and suprise the hunters)

– Your item must be created  by you ,  original,  and never been given away for free before!

– This is not a free Hunt its for $1L


~ iTouch Hunts / The Bunny Hunt Application ~

Before you go ahead and APPLY Please Read first the TIME LINE of the hunt if you can’t meet the deadline please DON’T APPLY and you need to stay in touch with me regarding the hunt (specially the day before the hunt! )

Hunt Application ~ iTouch Hunts / The Bunny Hunt~ THE Time line

here are short summary about the important dates

  • 29th of Feb:       End of Accepting the applications.
  • 01st of Mar:      Walk-through to check the sign and the LM
  • 05th of Mar:       Send Vendor’s Packages
  • 06th of Mar:       All Hints should be submitted & should be inside the Hint Giver
  • 09th of Mar:       Gift Item need to be set inside the the hunt item and hide it.
  • 09th of Mar:       Final Walk-Through to check Hint & the Hunt item
  • 10th of Mar:       Hunt starts 10th of Apr:       Hunt ends, you may take off the object

ALSO some important Rules and Hints:

  • ***** DO respect the Deadlines, there is enough Time for each Date and Things can be passed earlier of course
  • -DO NOT apply when you can’t create your Hunt Item in Time
  • -DO NOT provide an Item which has been in another Hunt before
  • -DO NOT provide an item for one gender weather for bott or unisex item.
  • -DO ask one of the Organizers, when you have Questions
  • -DO tell us when your Store has moved or closed
  • -DO keep the hunt Poster until the Hunt is over -DO Not change the Hunt item setting its already set for Sale for 1L (in words: One LINDEN), its Not a FREE HUNT
  • -DO communicate with us, Lack of Availability can happen to end in exclusion from the Hunt since we don’t have Time to run after you for e.g. Replacing a Poster Update

Organizers: jeniin resident, Mjke Resident

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