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The Bunny Hunt Vendors

March 11, 2012 1 comment
  1. Dakota Touch
    Hint: Only at Night when you need to turn me ON!
  2. jen Fashion
    Hint: I’m with Essence !
  3. Gypsy Gadget
    Hint :  Hey! Someone get me down from here, this rope looks really scary!!!
  4. Incendia OutDorrs
    Hint Giver on sign at landing point
  5. Shey
    Hint : I am in front of “Derya” outfit series
  6. SLC
    Hint : Look for the mirror!
  7. Orchid Lotus & Moondance
    Hint : Dreams can be seen in black and white, or vivid color, or even just one, tongiht though our dreams will be in purple
  8. TrendStyle
    Hint :  I need warm feets.
  9. PDN’s Potpourri
    Hint :  That looks like a bowl of dyed Easter eggs.
  10. PDN’s Potpourri
    Hint : Do Rabbits have shells?
  11. *Step inSide*
    Hint : Good luck with a bunny!
  12. House of ACCentaury
    Hint : Every rabbit knows that carrots hatch from eggs. A wise bunny says: “Find a carrot egg, and you find what you are looking for”.
  13. Sports R’ Us
    Hint : Going Down?
  14. Little Yellow
    Hint :  Driven to paint.
  15. Xclusives Animations
    Hint :
    Being in the SUBWAY,
    when it’s crowded, isn’t funny
    But It’s what you’ll have to do
    To find a gift that’s a Bunny
  16. Grumble
    Hint : Hippity hop into the body shop!
    Hint : slither and slime
  18. Wild Serenity (NEW LM)
    Hint : Pretty in Pink, Lots of it!!
  19. SR Leatherwerkx
    Hint : A tisket, A tasket.? I’m lurking in a basket!
  20. The Happy Hat
    Hint : Hippity Hop.
    Check the Hunt Hints to see where I stop. 
  21. Dani’s
    Hint : How Daring are you? I am as Daring as a Black Knight.
  22. Les sucreries de Fairy :
    Hint : The Bunny hunt gift is less bloody than the one next him (Upstairs in women section)
  23. The Elegant Goth
    Hint : We like to change our hint several times during a hunt so please use the “hunt hints” box at our main entrance.
  24. Imagine Flowers and Garden
    Hint : A mythical beast stands guard
  25. bees heaven shop
    Hint :  “This bunny enjoy the vicinity of water”
  26. Tree House Treasures
    Hint : please see hint box for the latest hint
  27. by WildSouL
    Hint : at the window..up?…down???…who knows…
  28. Peeps Fashion
    Hint :  Bunny loves Chocolate!
  29. Artic Storm
    Hint :  Rabbits hang together
  30. heartwood
    Hint :  Five little bunnies went out to lunch
                One found carrots and ate a bunch!
  31. DramaZone
    Hint :  you find me near a wagon
  32. Clarity Creations
    Hint : > Please see the formal dresses
  33. United InshCon
    Hint :  search the turtle
  34. Saucy’s Gift Shop
    Hint : Im so bunnylicious
  35. CUDOLA
    Hint : The bunny hops up, up, and away
  36. Lyrieals
    Hint : Wonder if I should Have brought my swimsuit
  37. Circur Noir
    Hint : Take the blue door to the flying circus; look where a shy bunny could hide himself.
  38. SchnaeppchenGrotte
  39. Khargo: Furniture
    Hint :  Bunnies LOVE to eat flowers!
    Hint : Where easter spring rest on a wood.
  41. Gallimaufry StoresLucinha’s Teddy Bears
    Hint : Poor Bunny hides under a fairy’s perch!
    Hint :  I am smaller than a teddy bear, but i love a garden too
  43. Lucinha’s Teddy Bears
    Hint :  This Bunny loves new shoes 🙂
  44. LilArtCreation
    Hint:”Oh, coffee with a view and no carrot cake?”
  45. S&S Clockworks
    Hint: you click on me to get updates
  46. *Relive the Fifties*
    Hint :  Bunny needs a Haircut
  47. .HollyWeird.
    Hint : “This Bunny Likes to Hang Under Here With All The Dust Bunnies…They Keep Me Company!”
  48. Debutante
    Hint:I’m Behind a Queen of a Dress
  49. Cat’s Cradle
    Hint : “Shoe” fly don’t bother me!
  50. Rozamyndi’s
    Hint : ” Nibble, nibble, om nom”
  51. Rowena Paine’s Junque
    Hint : Bunnies and chickens go together.
  52. Carisma Creations
    Hint : Take The Stairs
  53. Parkins Textures
    Hint : You will need glasses to find him
  54. M&M STYLE :
    Hint: I’m A gift i can be around gifts
  55. KA Piercings & Jewelry
    Hint:Where you can rest
  56. Theme Walkers by Hax
    Hint:Where Else Would a bunny be ?
  57. iLL WiLL KiDS
    Hint:Mary Jones ! best place to hide
  58. Moonlight Swan
    Hint: It occurs to me, that this would be a nice place for the laundry.
  59. Cobble Rose
    Hint : Im all botttled up
  60. .::Karma’s Kreations::
    Hint : My milkshake brings all the chicks to the yard.
  61. .:CUDA:.
    Hint : “This fish is so big I can hide right behind it!”
  62.  Affinity Boutique
    Hint : Fairys Keep the  Bunnies safe

The Bunny Hunt Gifts ..

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Amazing Gifts have a peak !

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The Bunny Hunt Sponsors

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Four Seasons Plaza Hunt

March 5, 2012 2 comments

iTouch Hunts & Four Seasons Plaza Would like to Announce the upcoming Hunt

Four Seasons Plaza Hunt

This hunt takes place entirely at the Four Season’s Plaza & Whiterose Fashion Hall. This will give you the opportunity to visit most of the stores at Second Life’s finest shopping places.

Check our Sponsors in the hunt

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