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Get the Newbie Hunt Sponsors

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Get the Newbie Hunt

May 21, 2012 1 comment

Hunt Dates: Jun 03 – June 30

Application Deadline: May 25 or 60 Stores

Type: Grid Wide

Rating: PG/Mature/Adult

Stops: 60

Hunt Object: Gummy Bear

Hunt Theme:

– This Hunt to help Newbie to update their avatar, be generous and keep in your mind they will remember your gift as they start their new SL your gift can be   (Skin, Hair, Tattoo, Eyes, clothes, furniture, gadgets, again be Creative and surprise the Hunters)

– The gift are going to be for both gender or unisex item.

. This is a 1L$ Hunt.

Start: Shopping

Contact Person: jeniin Resident

Gothic in Spring Hunt Vendor’s List

May 16, 2012 3 comments

1. jen Fashion
Hint : Sewing all the Clothes

2. Dakota Touch
Hint : Cozy Places where you can find me !

3. Lyrieal’s Boutique
Hint : Gothic chirstmas I thought it was Springtime??

4. Affinity Boutique
Hint : Anubis guards it well

5. **Asteria Creations**
Hint : check the new clothes… find me

6. PDN’s Potpourri (NEW LM)
Hint : You will find me near the gothic sofa

Hint : Tea for 2

8. SLC Mainstore
Hint : You will find me beetween blue and black.

Hint : I am under the “Tough Love” Poster

10. Grim Death Co
Hint : Check hint giver in store

11. Reliquia
Hint :   ” Don’t Forget To Write!”

12. Moondance Boutique
Hint : Sometimes the blackest of hearts  can lead to the most beautiful colors.

13.  Wild Serenity
Hint : The serpent holds the  prize

14. Shadow Moon
Hint : Go back to the 80’s and make a Left

15. Siryelle’s Dreams Fashion
Hint : “Allure is the hint”

16. SKIP

17. bees heaven shop
Hint : “Spring can be really hot… Use this to chill”

18. Tree House Treasures
Hint : Please see hint box for the latest hint

19. Chaos, Panic, & Disorder
Hint :   “It’s springtime inDEED”

20. Imagine Flowers and Garden
Hint : If you are “stumped” have a seat

21.  {simply magik}

22.  Les sucreries de Fairy
Hint : I love dolls gothic when they are are precious (upstairs in women section )

23. Echoes of the Past Designs Hint :  Hold that special person in your arms!

24. Peeps Fashion
Hint :  I’m pretty on the gothic fence about this gothic hunt.

25. Vips Corner
Hint : True Blood is here…Be Careful!!!

26. ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS
Hint :  Can you see the Blood Stitches? Cos I can

27. .::Karma’s Kreations::.
Hint : Please use hint giver located to the right of landing point.

28. USC Textures
Hint :  Cut price Gothic!

29. Forever.Yours
Hint : My Gothic Queen, Forever Mine

30. Bad Katz Textures
Hint: Find me by the water, where players play and lovers mourn …

31. Dani’s (NEW LM)
Hint : Let’s just Float Away on a Green Sea.

32. Loordes of London
Hint : these boots would go fab with this jacket

33. United InshCon
Hint : search to *UI* Fairy Trees

34. Rockoil
Hint : “SPACE PLAGUE” Dress

35. Artic Storm
Hint :  Look below what takes you up

36. Nocturnal Needs
Hint: I know where the prize is, but I’ll never tell. I will take that secret to my Grave!!

37. GUHL
Hint: Have a look at the floor its inside the store area

38. SR Leatherwerkx
Hint : “Now where did I put that? It must be in a drawer somewhere!!”

39. Parkins Textures
Hint : On reflection it is immediately visible

40. Cute Poison
Hint: Near the hanging picture frames you will find what you seek.

41. Athy Designs Furniture
Hint : What Do You Fear As You Stand Gazing In The Mirror      It’s On This Floor In The Store

42. .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneism
Hint : Q. Why did the Kpod cross the road? A. To get to the other Subscribo

43. Dolome Designs
Hint :  The site of Spiders make me Faint

44. Bound & Bitten
Hint : See Multi Hunt Hint Giver by Signs

Hint : The Prince’s study in Greystone Manor, where peacock, eagles, and butterflies abound . NOTE: A GIFT GIVER script is in use; take care to left or right click and then TOUCH to take; you can’t buy this gift. ONLY one gift is ever given out to any avatar

Gothic in Spring Hunt Gifts

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Gothic in Spring Hunt Sponsors

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Gothic in Spring

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Hunt Dates: May 16 – June 16

Application Deadline: May 10 or 60 Stores

Type: Grid Wide

Rating: PG/Mature/Adult

Stops: 60

Hunt Object: Celtic Cross

Hunt Theme: Gothic Theme but it should related to spring too. This is a 1L$ Hunt.

Start: Shopping

Contact Person: jeniin Resident