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Touched By Perly Hunt

July 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Some of you may remember our beloved friend and founder of iTouch Hunts, Perl Herbit.

Perl left this life and RL just a year ago, and to honour her memory and the anniversary of her passing we introduce the “Touched by Perly Hunt”.

Hunt Dates: Aug 6 – Sept 6
Application Deadline: July 28

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Rating: All Sims
Stops: 60
Hunt Object: Butterfly
Hunt Theme: All Gifts must be mainly Red in colour, and/or with a Love theme.

Start: Jen Fashion
Contact Person: Jeniin Resident

Stirring the Dreams

July 18, 2012 Leave a comment


My name is Haveit Neox, and I have the great pleasure to announce that I am one of the artists of the currents 2012 exhibit.

Currents 2012, Santa Fe’s annual citywide event, features the latest developments in the New Media Among installations made of light, the virtual world of Second Life also participates at the new media festival. Four artists from our virtual world (Bryn Oh, Artistide Despres, Tyrehl Byk, and yours truly Haveit Neox) exhibit on the sims they have developed by way of a computer monitor set up at the installation in Santa Fe.  Arts by over 80 artists from throughout the United States and around the world.

My contribution is called “Stirring the Dreams” …


Landing point for the exhibit:

The story:


Our nights are filled with dreams – good and bad ones. But a nightmare that persists over months or years may leave a dreamer feeling helpless to escape it. Haunting dreams set the stage for this exhibit at the Sparquerry sim, in the virtual world of Second Life. The scenario takes place in a factory-like structure and I try to match the somber atmosphere of nocturnal disturbances in this artwork. Second Life, this vast 3D computer world where I’ve built my own little corner, is a valuable tool for constructing a three dimensional environment. In such a format, I stir in a new element of light and hope. Now with an equatorial jungle outside the factory walls, and coiffed with a perched ship amid its canopy, the visitor may travel beyond the original dark space into more optimistic outcomes. Experiences and the people we encounter have an influence on our dreams. Therefore, inside the front entrance of the factory, I have installed some poetic works written by my friends in Second Life. Arranged like a Cabinet of Curiosities, they are a collection of pieces whose creators weave a common path, thus keeping my own display company. As a dreamscape is not easily navigated, the visitor may also take a little time before finding the verdant world just outside.

Rucksack Rummage Hunt Gift Pics

July 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Rucksack Rummage Hunt Vendors List

July 16, 2012 1 comment

01 jen Fashion
Hint: A Happy Hunter needs to eat and drink!

02 PDN’s Potpourri
Hint : I didn’t think she meant an elephant’s trunk, it’s this trunk

03 SLC Mainstore
Hint : Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

04 Eternal Hearts
Hint : I hope you will remember me

05 Wild Serenity
Hint : These Feathers Tickle me..

06 Carriage Trade Miniature
Hint : Let’s get Lucky!

07 Shey
Hint : I am at back of “Gaye” Poster

08 House of ACCentaury
Hint : “After climbing 6 flights of stairs, I still have to grab my suitcase and pack!”

09 Affinity Boutique (Not Ready Yet)
Hint : Stuffed with silks

10 mberMyst Botanical Designs

11 TrendStyle
Hint :the view through the window

12 Asteria Creations** (Not Ready Yet )

13 bees heaven shop (NEW LM)
Hint : “Ice Cream – News Cream – everybody wants Ice cream, rock, oh rock my baby roll”

14 Peeps Fashion
Hint : Fonzie always packs his leather jacket

15 Tori’s Stylez
Hint : you wont need these for the beach

16 Artic Storm
Hint : Here’s Your Sign!

17 Les sucreries de Fairy
Hint : I’m with the tip jars

18 Lyrieal’s Boutique
Hint : What we need now is a hero

19 USC Textures
Hint : Good fortune on your vacation!

20 Gallimaufry Stores
Hint : Please use the outside facility for a comfort stop on your journey

21 Amulet
Hint : Dive into the fountain of Love!

22 Raven’s Heart
Hint : in a rush, you spill ink on your letter, don’t forget to pick up your suitcase before you leave

23 ::Amber-licious Designs::
Travel across and up to North America where you can backpack over the mountains…..

24 [FIEND]
Pack me up and send me over the big Pond

25 S & N Designs
Hint : It’s amazing what you get on vacation for free!

26 PePU
Hint: Google Me !

27 Dani’s (NEW LM)
Hint: Let’s do the bunny hop, I love black bunnies, don’t you

28 Mind Games Fashion
Hint : It’s me the one you read to know what is upstairs.

29 Tahby Photography
Hint: Don’t forget to mail home!

30 Amour Fashion
Hint : “Are these first class seats?”

31 LilArt Creation (Ready NOW)
Hint: “Do you need some light?”

32 LoMos Designs
Hint : Caffeine will always give you a lift
The prize you seek is not quite a gift.
Not on a table, not on the floor,
But keep on searching, you’ll find it, I’m sure!

33 Eric’s Art Gallery
Hint: not sure why They did not put me in the floor !

34 by WildSouL
Hint : don’t you want to join us?

35 Natural Expressions
Hint : Ask Chole !

36 .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneisms
Hint : Just remember you may go away but there is no place like Gnome

37 Glide’s Gallery
Hint : most people wear me, so find me by the clothes in the sculpt and mesh room

38 ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS
Hint: It looks like something has already been rummaging around here!

39 Chaos, Panic, & Disorder
Hint : It looks like something has already been rummaging around here!

40 Tree House Treasures
Hint : see hint box for the latest hint

Hint: Oh! I love bargains !!

42 Electric
Hint : Will sit here as all rummage through these sales!!!

43 faboo (READY NOW)
Hint : Fashion is in the Details.

44 Bound & Bitten
Hint: Multi hint giver at store

So You Think You Can Build Gifts

July 3, 2012 Leave a comment

More images to come..  Stay tuned  !

So You Think You Can Build Hunt Vendor List

July 2, 2012 1 comment

01 jen Fashion
Hint: Channell Holds your Gift

02 Black Tulip
Hint : The siren said “There’s a special book close to me that has the answer to this hint

03 House of ACCentaury
Hint : “Well well well… if the plumbing is out, just grab a bucket.”

04 The Texture Source
Hint : Is it warm in here ???

05 X-Clusives Animations
Hint : So you think you can build?
Well maybe thats’s so
Your fingers are probably itchin’
To make a start, go
With all sorts, including a KITCHEN

06 Timeless Textures
Hint: When building a house, build it NOT on SAND
but instead give it a strong foundation built IN STONE, it’s ELEMENTAL Dear Hunter!

Hint : what go’s around

08 Hidden Treasures
Hint: Sit Back and relax ! Enjoy The Day

09 PDN’s Potpourri
Hint : Take the tp up and look for me in a corner.

10 The Perfect Gift (READY NOW)

11 House of Byzanthine
Hint:i am hold by a parrots beak

12 Peeps Fashion
Hint : I’ve got Wood

Hint :  Water is so fresh!

Hint : On a stone it hide from

15 Les sucreries de Fairy
Hint:Hint : I love cute sculpties kits for builders

16 Incredible Creative

17 Dragons Are Too Seldom, Inc. (NEW LM)
Hint : Stacked… Behind

18 Parkins textures
Hint : Pink Floyd said “All in all its just another brick in the wall”

19 Nefeli’s Gestures
Hint : I like this pillow

Hint : In the Sculpt shop. Near the prize board.

21 GUHL Not Ready Yet

22 LilArt Creation
Hint: “Piled up tiles must be good for something!”

23 LoMos Designs

Hint :
In the land of Koschuta
Lies a terrible curse.
You will seek your escape,
But you might lose your purse.
Flying will do no good,
As the sky gates are closed,
You will find your reward
In the stream that we chose.

24 Glide’s Gallery  Ready NOW
Hint:  What’s the name of the hunt? look in the mesh and sculpt store, find a house

25 AngelCat*s Fantasy
Hint :  Kids can play with me  🙂

Hint : Splash !

27 Habitationi (NEW LM)
Hint : You just need a hammer

28 Z Best Textures & Templates
Hint : Lego Building Blocks belong with the Builders Supplies. Look for the store sign that will take you up to that section.

29 TechStylez
Hint : Our Mascott is compiling your item 😉

30 USC Textures Ready NOW
Hint :   Summer is a great time to start a no cost project. 

31 NightMaire Textures & More
Hint : Tori-effic!

32 lyrieal’s Boutique
Hint : Thats a lot of dots

33 Bound & Bitten
Hint : Multi Hint giver at landing

34 Template Craze Ready NOW
Hint: When your all tired from hunting high and low … come down .. pull up a chair and chat with us online. 

35 CornMuffin Sculpts
Hint : Don’t I have a purdy face?

36 Haven Creations (NEW LM)
Hint : What a tease..

37 EBDesign – The little Shop
Hint : I love grapes

38 Peippo
Hint : “I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain”
(Neil Young: Horse with no name)

39 fantasy china

40. Amulet
Hint : In Nature My Love is the Glory of the Morning!

41. Raven’s Heart
Hint : better hurry, those lycan’s look like they want to snatch it from me