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Touched By Perly Hunt Gifts

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Touched By Perly Hunt Vendors List

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01 .: jen Fashion :.
Hint : if you find Root you find me.

02 Gypsy Gadgets
Hint : This little butterfly likes AUTUMN FAE Flowers

03 K-Ks Designs
Hint : Sorrow, sorrow why must you take me so

04 RAWR! (Not Ready)

05 Shey
Hint : Look at “Gonca” Poster

06 C.Wells Photography
Hint: ” It’s for you”

07 Affinity Boutique-Taliesins Tails
Hint: Resting at the waters edge

08 Junkers Kid’s Place
Hint : Desk

09 Eternal Hearts
Hint : What its midnight already?

10 SLC Mainstore
Hint : Do you know Felena?

11 **Asteria Creations** (Not Ready)

12 Bound & Bitten
Hint : Multi Hint giver at store

13 Chaos, Panic, & Disorder
Hint: Good thing butterflies don’t have any brains!

14 Incredible Creative
Hint : Uuuh,who tint this?

15 PePU
Hint : I love to be a half punky girl

16 bees heaven shop
Hint : “This butterfly rest with equals”

17 2KILL4
Hint: This little butterfly Likes AUTUMN FAE Flowers

18 The Happy Hat
I found a shelf with Flowers to sit upon.

19 Mind Games Fashion (Ready NOW)
Hint: “From up here I can see Venus working in her office. Ha! working, yeah right!”

Hint : Hold on for your Life, Cling Tight

21 Z Best Textures & Templates
Hint: Monarch Butterfiles like the company of other butterflies (which happen to be near a bed of roses).

22 Eric’s Art Gallery
Hint: With all of these flowers, there’s no telling where the butterfly flew, look around inside there’s a gift for you

23 Grumble
Hint:Head Home and light a candle in remembrance.?

24 ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS
Hint:I went to check the Sales, come and find me there!

25 nMn Designs
Hint : Olive anyone?

26 Kakia Designs  (withdraw / Business closed)

27 Tree House Treasures SLURL:
Hint: Im resting on something bright blue

28 Lettie’s Design [LD]
Hint : “She must be a hella hot lady”

29 Amber-licious Designs
Hint:all work no play makes us dull and gray

30 Lyrical B!zarre Templates (NEW LM)
Hint : Look to the left, look to the right,
Answer you seek, hidden in plain sight!
The smaller, the better, it is in this case,
And trust when I say: it’s in the right place! 🙂

31 LoMos Designs
Hint : When the night draws near,
And the lights are all out,
One thing guides me clear
Tis the sight of your pout.

32 Artic Storm
Hint : Be Careful the butterfly doesn’t lodge in your hat!

33 Xclusives Animations
Hint: Perly liked red or so I’ve been told,?Head over and see what ROMANCE might hold.?Take a look around, you won’t believe your eye

Hint: that’s why they call it “butterfly bush”!

35 Tae’s Creations
Hint: Did you say something about frosting?

36 Peeps Fashion
Hint : All in all we’re just another <Blank> in the Wall!

37 Lyrieal’s Boutique (Withdraw / Sim Closed )

38 Raven’s Heart (Not Ready)

39 .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneisms
Hint : Batman Can fly like me

40 Arrongard Couture
Hint: This Butterfly Loves Gold

41 Haven Creations
Hint:I’m hanging out with the Sweet Butterflies!

42 fantasy china Ali’s Mesh S&T

43 Amulet
Hint: Bunnies Need love too.

44 Rockoil
Hint : “mesh”:P

45 Wylia Cale
Hint : Trying to Play with the Cow

46 .: jen Fashion :.
Hint : Reaching for Sunshine.