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Santa Sack Hunt 2 Vendors List

November 20, 2012 2 comments

01 jen Fashion
Hint : Take the TP to Midwinter Market and don’t let Snowman fool you.

02 SLC Mainstore
Hint Mirror Mirror ..

03 Gor-jus Animations
Hint : Something’s fishy about this gift!

04 Juicy Sex Animations (NEW LM)
Hint Good clean fun! – Welllll!!!!!!

05  TrendStyle
Hint : Search dress one with the name of an English Queen

06 Kim’s Creations
Hint : Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go. Let It Snow

07 Thunderstorm Clothiers
Hint : Lightning strikes in a thunderstorm

08 Dragonlady’s Closet Female
Hint : Maya has a sweet tooth Male Hint : Jared is so tall he didn’t need a ladder to hang this up.

09 Veiled Tattoo
Hint : Somewhere between the Master of the dark and America…

10 Wild Serenity
Hint : I can show you how to get it free

11  M&M Deco – Beautify Your Home
Hint :  The current trend in Santa Claus fashion: A second sack

12 Timeless Textures
Hint : Christmas shopping driving you UP(stairs) the walls? Hope you find Santa’s Sack before they have to put you in a PADDED CELL !

13 Midnight Madness Machines Creations
Hint :  Santa needs help finding his reindeer

14 Eternal Hearts
Hint : I am where Santa hides his gift for Mrs. Claus

15 Sky Nation Designs~ Dragonsfyre
Hint : “I wonder if Polar Bears can Learn how to Sail .. ?

16 Dina’s Cretions
Hint : “Stockings, decorations and warmth be here… all ready for Santa to appear. ” its in one of the small stalls outside

17  Incendia Outdoors
Hint : Hint on Hint giver at Landing point , gift moves alot

18 Lyrieal’s Boutique
Hint : Wonder if I should Have brought my swimsuit

19 Arrongard Couture
Hint : It’s MADNESS

20 Lotus Garden Center
Hint: When they get home I am already there, but watch it… don’t burn yourself!

21 SR Leatherwerkx for Creators
Hint : “Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh!”

22 RVi Design
Hint :   Dear Santa, I can explain!

23 Amber-licious Designs
Hint : Ho Ho Ho……who wouldn’t know….down from the……

24 Grumble
Hint : Santa left his sack under the palm tree while he was fishing. item not set for Sale

25 Artic Storm
Hint: In corners’ dark but stairs alight, is the Santa Sack Delight

26 .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneisms
Hint : “Problem Child”ren and the Naughty tend to get lumps of coal in your stocking, We’re aren’t that mean.

27 Tree House Treasures
I think this sack is full of seeds

28 Peeps (fixed LM)
Hint : Santa’s hat, now in 3D!

29 Fantasy China
Hint: i sit comfortable

30 Raven’s Heart
Hint : Watch out, he probably bites item not set for Sale

31 Les sucreries de Fairy
Hint : I’m not far the landing point 🙂

32 Amulet
Hint: Enjoy the Old and New and make Light of Life!

33 Imagine Flowers and Garden
Hint: Enjoy the Old and New and make Light of Life! (Hint : Where fairies march…)

34 The Happy Hat
Hint : Check the Hunt Hint Sign for a tip on where this hunt item will sit.

*** 35 Eric’s Art Gallery (SKIP)

36 Bound & Bitten
Hint: Time for a picnic with your hunny !

37 .:FallenDreams Inc:.
Hint : i GATCHA

38 Dani’s
Hint : I love a good Burlesque show, especially when it’s Santa in Red

39 D&G Fashions
Hint : Male: I know he’s not a Christmas icon.. but maybe he’s made of Chocolate inside? Female Hint: Feeling…LUCKY?

40 .HollyWeird.
Hint : “Here I patiently sit watching at the window…in hopes that St. Nick will soon bere here”

41 Brea’s Closet
Hint : I love the smell of pine and gift wrap

42 FashionNatic (FIXED LM)
Hint :You can find it, under something that used in Stone Age for tools…

43 You’re the One!
Hint : Ewwww, I can see its tonsils!! Gross!

44 The Land of Nodd
Hint : The Flight Officer’s power has gone to his head!

45 TLF
Hint : Japan holds the bag for you 😉

46 PePU
Hint : Santa is coming when every boy and girl enjoy wintertime

47 LilArt Creation
Hint : Looking for a comfy seat might be a good idea.

48 Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Hint : Christmas is coming, The tree is getting trimmed! Please look around it The gift will leave you thrilled!

49 ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS
Hint : Butterflies keep this gift for you

** 50 Country Charm (NOT READY)
Hint : Why do these Antler dogs always take my santa gift bags.

51 Christmas Fair
Hint : oh Santa Claus forgot a bag near the Christmas Stocking

52 PDN’s Potpourri
Hint : Those accents will look great in the curio

53 (In)Discretions
Hint: Bet Santa could use a drink!

54 Creations For Parkinson’s (Luna Fatale Creations)
Hint: “it is in the shadows”

55 SFW Industries
Hint : Look around the Arcline vendor

56 K Threads
Hint : Take a Seat by some sweets….to find your treats!

** 57 Xclusives Animations (NOT READY)

58 Tabou Disjoncted
Hint : santa never come my heart is broken (part1)

59 Bondage by *GEL*
Hint :  In the dungeon deep you will find the gift that you seek

60 Rapture’s Bears n Things
Hint : It’s Cozy under here.

61 Moonlight Swan Hint: Its Sure Cuzy Under here

62 Glide’s Gallery
Hint :  santa needs this for putt his gifts in it, look on the sculpt wall

63 The House of Byzanthine
Hint:Look for a fountain you can drink from near the christmas carols?

64 Xenian Furniture
Hint: Did you see my stocking anywhere??

Hint :  I love chocolate, just hope this one doesn’t melt…..

66 tori’s stylez
Hint : Still a girls best friend

67 Charisma Designs
Hint : The Apricot Blossoms are a suprise to be in bloom this time of year.

68 Shabby Strawberry
Hint : You’ll be quackers if you cant find me

69 Glitzz Store (NOT READY)
Hint: “The more I jump, I’ll catch up easier!”

70 li’llscallywags
Hint :  Santa might not get in this house but he might leave you one.

71 Jinxed Toys
Hint : Look high, look low.  When you find Boots you know you can go.

72 Fae Winds Designs
Hint :  Santa has a sack, I do too

73 Dolome Designs
Hint: OMG this is makingme dizzy!!!!

74 ::Fe Style::
Hint : stripes?

75 Studio Nails
Hint : Maybe its on that beautiful garden terrace thye have on the store?

76 Aphrodite Restaurant, Megastore & Cofeehouse
Hint : Maybe its on that beautiful garden terrace thye have on the store?

Santa Sack Hunt 2 Sponsors Gifts

November 19, 2012 1 comment

Midwinter Market

November 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Hurry!  Stall availability is strictly limited, and on a first come, first served basis.
Mjke Resident
Jeniin Resident

Market Starts Monday 20th November
Ends Frid 4 Jan 2013 .. (almost 6 weeks)

Rent for the full Duration (6 Weeks & 4 days) is 200L
(pay the Box for the 4 weeks and you are set for the entire duration)

15 prims per Stall

Santa Sack Hunt 2 Sponsors

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