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Caterwauling Hunt Gifts

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missing Tail

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Hi Hunters,

This message from .: jen Fashion:.

The missing TAIL in Kitty outfit been fixed and for all hunters didn’t get it will be redeliver to them. no worries.

Thanks, jeniin

Caterwauling Vendors List

February 25, 2013 1 comment

01 .: jen Fashion :.
Hint : I feel Safe hiding behind Jimmy

02 Shey
Hint : I am near Kattya Gown Poster

** 03 Lyrieal’s Boutique
Hint : what should a kitteh wear all these choices

04 The House of Byzanthine
Hint :  At a beach café cats often ask for food under the table

05 Cat’s Cradle
Hint : Tom Cat sneakin by the Maple Leaf

06 Eternal Hearts
Hint : Welcome to the Jungle

07 Dragonlady’s Closet
Hint : Please don’t let me get wet! Cats hate water!

08 ~*By Snow*~
Hint :  I am one cornered kitty up here!

09 –Intropia
Hint : this kitty likes accessories

10 Dreamscape Wedding Design
Hint : Cats love stairs & so should you. Up you go, that’s a clue. Find a table, cats like them too. The gift is there, just for you.

11 Veiled Tattoo
Hint : can’t see you with my eyes closed

12 United InshCon
Hint : Look inside the Dwarf Garden

13 Peeps
Hint: What month were you born in

14 -=[ Ais Ink Tattoo ]=-
Hint : look up at the Valentines

15 Imagine Flowers and Garden
Hint : It’s hidden away by the hideaway.

16 Artic Storm
Hint :  Kitties like to hide behind household things….

17 Loordes of London
Hint : By the bargains

18 .:FallenDreams Inc:.
Hint : Kids should not pull our tails

19 Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Hint :
Tip toe, tip toe,
Catch a kitten by the toe!
Where it’s hidden, I don’t know,
Find the Kitty, find her paw.

20 Tree House Treasures
Hint : see hint box for the latest hint

*** 21 ..::DOOZY::.. Skip

22 Pillows & Things
Hint : All kitties love Baskets

23 .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneisms
Hint :  This Kitty is licking her wiskers for some meow mix.

Hint Please! Don’t step over me while you are going up!

25 DAR Designs
Hint : Look at me!! Im wearing a winter clothing but it’s open

26 Stitches Creations
Hint : being a cat i love to play with the leaves.

27 KA Piercings & Jewelry
Hint: Walk till the middle of the store then you can hear my Moan.

28 Li’ll Scallywags
Hint: Relax, have a drink, and pet the cat.

29  Tori’s Stylez
Hint :  nice to nap in the breeze

30 Cerridwen’s Cauldron-boutique Ragnell
Hint : sit down and rest for 15 minutes

Caterwauling Hunt Sponsors

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Caterwauling Hunt

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Hunt Dates: Feb 25 – Mar 25iTouch Hunts Caterwauling Hunt Poster
Application Deadline
: Feb 15

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: TBA
Stops: 50
Hunt Object: Cat (L$1 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: cat·er·waul (k t r-wôl) intr.v. cat·er·wauled, cat·er·waul·ing, cat·er·wauls. 1. To cry or screech like a cat in heat. 2. To make a shrill, discordant sound.

All About having cat related in your build skin, avatar, clothes, sound, building, furniture, animation, gadgets, or whatever you can think of. Try your gift to cover both genders.

StartJen Fashions

Contact PersonJeniin Resident