New Hunters

Welcome to the world of hunting, and to iTouch Hunts, the BEST hunts in SL!

                                ~ How to Hunt ~

First up, you’ll have seen the sign – the one you clicked on to get to this card.  The hunt sign will show the name of the hunt and the dates it’s running from/to,  and clicking the sign will give you information, like this card, and a Landmark to the starting point.

You’ll notice the hunt ‘item’ sitting on top, or attached to the side, of the sign – it will be unique to this particular hunt (eg recent hunts have had an Aladdin’s lamp, a bunny, a lily, and a butterfly).  This ‘item’ will be the hidden object at each location you visit.

At each store locate the hunt sign (which should be close to where your tp has landed you) and click on the hunt item that is attached to the sign.  This will give you a hint (in Local) as to where the item is hidden in that store.  Search the store until you find it! (Some you’ll find easily, others will be more challenging!)

When you locate the hidden item, click on it to buy it – it’ll be almost free, usually L$1.  You’ll immediately receive a folder containing a great gift from the store, and a landmark to the next store in the hunt.

Go to the next store, locate the sign, click on the item to get a hint, search for it, buy, and so on…. for all the stores in the hunt – there’s usually around 60 participating vendors in each hunt.

So, travel from store to store, picking up some magnificent gifts at only (usually) 1 Linden a pop!  It’s a no-brainer! Take your time, browse each store, and enjoy seeing the fantastic creativity and imagination of SL vendors!  Meet other hunters!  Enjoy!

IMPORTANT – Join the iTouch hunt group – for updated info on current and future hunts. Stuck? Remember there’s a pack of friendly hunters out there – ask the group for help!

Happy Hunting! Jeniin Resident & Mjke Resident (Hunt Organizers)


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