Caterwauling Hunt Sponsors

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Caterwauling Hunt

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Hunt Dates: Feb 25 – Mar 25iTouch Hunts Caterwauling Hunt Poster
Application Deadline
: Feb 15

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: TBA
Stops: 50
Hunt Object: Cat (L$1 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: cat·er·waul (k t r-wôl) intr.v. cat·er·wauled, cat·er·waul·ing, cat·er·wauls. 1. To cry or screech like a cat in heat. 2. To make a shrill, discordant sound.

All About having cat related in your build skin, avatar, clothes, sound, building, furniture, animation, gadgets, or whatever you can think of. Try your gift to cover both genders.

StartJen Fashions

Contact PersonJeniin Resident

Fantasy Hunt Pictures

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Fantasy Hunt Sponsors !

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Fantasy Hunt Vendors List

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01 .: Jen Fashion :.
Hint: its still Cold .. needs some winter Clothes !

02 SHEY Hint: Look at “Begum” Poster

03 Charisma Designs
Hint: With all the hussle and things that this season brings im so glad its over and on to Valentines!

04 Bad Katz Textures
Hint: I’m guarded by an ancient creature.

05 Timeless Textures
Hint: Click Wooden Touch for Hints Sign for ALL Hunt Hints, Thank You.

06 Affinity Boutique
Hint: Under the Sea, The Kraken Guards it well

07 Cerridwen’s Cauldron-Boutique
Hint: Near some moss

08 DragonLady’s Closet
Hint: She always seems to know what is trendy and new!

09 ~*By Snow*~
Hint: I got it…. I got it…. I got it…… GOT’CHA!!

10 SLC Mainstore
Hint: Decoration for a special day

11 AdelleArts Manor Fashions
Hint: No need to go into a Fury. Just Lace yourself with Min

12 {::.Tainted~Design.::}
Hint: The place where Tainted joined a Pixie

13 Sparkyle
Hint: Rhinestones, Lip Gloss, Nails Done, Flashy Shadow… Oh yea

(Not Ready) 14 Charltina’s

15 Scott’s Fabrications (Petite Gift)
Hint: TELEPORT TO PETITES DEPARTMENT: I heard Flowers only hang out with other Flowers.
/ I heard Flowers only hang out with other Flowers.

16 Scott’s Fabrications (Regular Gift)
Hint: I Think Gifts Should Always Come With Flowers.

(New Location) 17 Glide’s Gallery
Hint: I am by my fantasy family, can be tattoo’s skin;s whatever best to find me there i think :-))

18 Tree House Treasures
Hint: Looks so pretty amongst the roses

19 PDN’s Potpourri
Hint: Fantasy, Myth or Astrology?

20 .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneisms
Hint :  Bizzy is a Lvl 43 Wizard Watch out.

21 John’s Ancient Treasures (JAT)
Hint: Crystals and fairies and sparkles, where could I be?

*** SKIP  22

23 Imagine Flowers and Garden
Hint:  These purple shrooms are very odd.

24 Les sucreries de fairy
Hint : You’ll find me near dancing and cuddle roses (upstairs in Club and Home section)

25 Peeps
Hint: There’s nothing like a blank canvas, there are soo many possibilities.

26 RVi Design
Hint: The Frog Prince is still waiting for his princess, deep in the fantasy fairy forest.

27 Artic Storm
Hint: Stairs will get you close, pink will get you closer

28 2KILL4
Hint : Looking to Buy a Cottage ?

29 PeKaS Design
Hint : you can rest near the water and relax

30 Petite Plunder
Hint: Failing to find this flower is a Capital Offense!

31 Tori’s styles
Hint : this siren is green with envy

32 K-Ks designs
Hint : I lay ontop Of K-Ks

Hint : Flowers Grow …. High and Low, Upper and UNDER

34 {le fil cassé}
Hint: The fire burns within me.

35 Lyrieal’s Boutique
Hint : Are you my Mummy?

36 Studio Nails
Hint: Find a butterfly and there you will find me. Please enjoy.. Oh and explore the entire Zing region. Lots to see and do. Thanks!

(New Location ) 37 FANGS & FUR Vampire/Lycan Poseballs
Hint: This poor mermaid got a “lycan Surprise.”

38 Niekra’s Dreams
Hint : Glub Glub go the fishies!

39 Lotus Garden Center
Hint : Hmmmmm such a lovely pillow this is!

40 Loordes of London
Hint: by the bargains

41 Amulet
Hint: The domes of the temple shelter your love..

42 Eternal Hearts
Hint : I am hidden with spikes like those on a dragon

43 *Akeana’a Architecture*
Hint: The ceiling’s color is silver, no doubt!?”I’m up here”, is the steel flowers shout.

44 USC Textures
Hint: Fish amongst the flowers

45 Peippo
Hint: In your mind, through your eyes, do you see?It’s the fantasy


(Not Ready) 47 Forsaken Falls
Hint: The is a little snow kitty who watches over the little people. Find him and you find what else you search for 😉

48 Rockoil
Hint: You are in the army now

49 by WildSouL
Hint: i ll take you to my nest

50 Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Hint: The times are gone, of midtones bland,
The quiet sound of music playing,
A gift awaits close where you’ll land,
The cup of coffee needs no paying.

51 Gor-jus Animations
Hint: Beware!  A guarded Siren’s Tale will reveal all!

52 AngelCat*s Fantasy
Hint : Under the hearts you find the hidden treasure 🙂

Fantasy Hunt

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Hunt Dates: Jan 21 – Feb 21
Application Deadline
: Jan 11

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 50
Hunt Object: Sculpted Flower (L$1 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: All about fantasy items, skin, avatar, clothes, fairy, building, furniture, animals.

Contact Person: Jeniin Resident

More Gifts from Santa Sack Hunt ..

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