Sponsor Features

To be a Sponsor  you are entitle of :

1. You will be placed on the top 5-15 Spots First come First Served.
2. One Notice Post in the Group for any Promotion / Gifts  running during the Hunt
3. Post Your logo  linked to your store at Market Place
4. Post Your Hunt item Picture
5. Post Your Promotion during the hunt will be published on the Blog Page.

Any  idea or suggestions, please contact Jeniin Resident
Cost: 500L  Payable to  [Jeniin Resident]

Fill  the following form in a Notecard

~~~~ iTouch Sponsor Application ~~~~~~~

I want to be a sponsor ? (Y/N)
Store Name:
Contact Person:
logo (texture)  for the sponsor area :
URL Store at Market Place :
Any promotions you want to announce during the Hunt :


Name the Note Card as the following :

iTouch Hunts – [Hunt Name]  (Store Name)(Your Name)


[Hunt Name] (Store Name)(Your Name)

Send it to Jeniin Resident

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